Immigration has shaped the nation. With the first settlers and colonist to those who are forced to migrate and those chose to immigrate to the new world have influenced the culture of this nation.  There were many significant women immigrants who came to America. Around 1637, Anne Hutchinson was ridiculed for holding prayer meetings and was accused of disturbing the peace in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. She had Puritans come into the Massachusetts Bay Colony after her and was an example of a woman who spoke her mind even against powerful individuals. The Act which defined the status of mulatto bastards in 1662 decided that any child born in the new country’s fate should be decided by the mother’s skin color. The slave petition for freedom in 1777 was a petition written to Counsel and House of Representatives for the senate of Massachusetts by eight slaves fighting for their freedom. In 1870-1930, Women, Immigration, and Citizenship were reviewed as immigrant wives gained entry to the U.S. In 1887, immigrants were considered criminals as immigrant women and men were accused of selling birth control which was in question morally. In 1912, Mrs. Samuel Friedman wrote a letter to David Bressler about how immigrants were stereotyped. Rose Schneiderman, in 1917 was a polish immigrant who worked to improve wages, hours, and safety standards for American women. The immigration act of 1924 written by congress excluded Asian immigrants by prohibiting the immigration of all immigrants ineligible to citizenship. The immigration and naturalization act of 1965 essentially said no person shall receive priority as an immigrant. Finally, Donald Trump, in the present day voices his opinions on immigrants as being “really bad”. This proves that society believes immigrants to be a negative effect on the nation. This stigma should be reassessed by many considering how much immigrants have actually done for the nation as a whole.

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